Thomas Young – S10309

The following are selected quotes taken from the Revolutionary War pension application of Thomas Young:

State of South Carolina, Union District
On this to wit the 17th day of April in the year of our Lord 1838 personally appeared before John J. Pratt Judge of the Court of Ordinary of Union District in the State of South Carolina, Thomas Young, a resident of the aforesaid State & District & aged 74 years….”

“…that he volunteered in the service of the State of South Carolina under Captain Benjamin Jolly of Col. Thomas Brandon’s regiment about the last of May or the first of June in the year 1780.”

“…met Col. Williams above Charlotte & was united to his Corps & after uniting with other troops proceeded to King’s Mountain & was actively engaged during that remarkable conflict. After this engagement, the Corps to which he was attached returned to their homes or to the neighborhood of their former residences but still remaining on duty subject to the command of their officers. His next adventure was that of uniting under the same officers with General Morgan at Grindal Shoals on Pacolet River & marching thence to the Cowpens where he was engaged in that engagement against Col. Tarlton on the 17th  January 1781. In this engagement he received many severe wounds & was made a prisoner & carried near the camp of Lord Cornwallis. Whence he made his escape, he was then disabled by his wounds for near one month. He then volunteered under Captain Joseph Hughes & marched to Buck Head & attended the siege of that fort. But before that fort was taken, went off with a detachment against Orangeburg & took that fort under the command of Genl. Sumter. He was thence under the command of Sumter marched to Granby on Congaree River where he was dismissed from service. He then proceeded voluntarily to Ninety Six & joined his old company under Captain Jolly, who was under the command of Col. Brandon of Pickens’ Brigade. He continued in the siege laid to this fort until the siege was raised. He was then detached with the Corps to which he belonged to scour the up country & prevent the mischief & depredations of the Tories, where he continued in service to the end of the War.”

State of South Carolina, Union District
In the Court of Common Pleas Appeared in open Court Major Thomas Young and made oath, that in the month of June 1780, he went into the service of the United States in the revolutionary war in the Regiment of militia commanded by Colonel Brandon that he was at the battle of King’s Mountain, and at the affair at Hammonds old store, that on the evening of 16th of January 1781, (Agreeable to notice and permission from General Morgan) he joined the Regiment of Cavalry commanded by Colonel William Washington, that in the battle of the Cowpens on the 17th of January, this deponent received several severe sword wounds as follows to wit on the right forearm, one on the posterior part of the right shoulder, one on the point of the left shoulder, one on the forehead and one on the back part of the said. That from the effects of the last mentioned wound this deponent is disabled from attaining his subsistence by his own industry. That he was for some time disabled from doing any duty on account of the said wounds, that as soon as he was able to ride a horse, he again commenced service under the command of Colonel Brandon, that he was at the siege of a Fort at Buckhead and at the siege of Orangeburg. That he afterwards joined the Army under the command of General Greene at the siege of 96, that he continued to serve until the close of the revolutionary war in the scouting parties. That since the close of the Revolution he has constantly resided in Union District which is his present place of residence. That he has been engaged in the occupation — a farmer. This deponent states that the reason why he has not sooner applied for a pension was that as long as he was able to procure a subsistence by his own industry and exertions, he was unwilling to burden his country with his support. This deponent further swears that he is not on the pension list of any State.

Sworn to in open Court before me
S/ Richard Gantt, Presiding Judge                       S/ Thomas Young