Ortho Williams to Daniel Morgan – 30 Dec 1780

Ortho Williams letter to Daniel Morgan Ortho Williams quote Nathanael Greene
Ortho Williams to Daniel Morgan - December 30, 1780

Camp Hicks’s Creek,
on Pedee,
December 30th, 1780.

Dear General – I inclose you a number of letters, by a sergeant of Lieut. Col. Washington’s regiment, which I hope will arrive safe. We are at present in. a camp of repose, and the general is exerting himself, and everybody else, to put his little army in a better condition. Tents in sufficient numbers for a larger army than ours, are coming from Philadelphia; they are expected to arrive early in January. We also expect a number of shoes, shirts, and some other articles essentially necessary.

Col. Marion writes the general, that General Leslie landed in Charleston, with his command, on the 20th inst., and that he had advanced as far as Moncks’s Comer. You know Lord Cornwallis has collected his force at Camden-probably they mean to form a junction, and attempt to give a blow to a part of our force while we are divided, and most probably that blow will be aimed at you, as our position in the centre of a wilderness is less accessible than your camp. I know your discretion renders all caution from me unnecessary; but my friendship will plead an excuse for the impertinence of wishing you to run no risk of a defeat. May your laurels flourish when your locks fade, and an age of peace reward your toils in war. My love to every fellow soldier, and adieu.

Yours, most truly,
O. H. Williams


General Morgan.

Gen’l Greene desires you will please to send returns of your command. Lt. Col. Howard will please to make a distinct return of the Light Inf’y and mark all casualties minutely that they may be entered in our Muster Rolls. I have wrote to Col. Washington for a special return of Cavalry, called for by the Hou’le Board of War.

Thine, O. H. W.