Nathanael Greene to Daniel Morgan – 29 Dec 1780

Nathanael Greene Nathanael Greene letter to Daniel Morgan Daniel Morgan
Nathanael Greene's Letter to Daniel Morgan - December 29, 1780

Camp on the Cheraws,
on the east side of the Pedee,
December 29th, 1780.

Dear Sir: We arrived here the 26th inst., after a very tedious and disagreeable march, owing to the badness of the roads and the poor and weak state of the teams. Our prospects with regard to provisions are mended, but this is no Egypt.

I have this moment received intelligence that Gen. Leslie has landed at Charleston, and is on his way to Camden. His force is about two thousand, perhaps something less. I am also informed that Lord Cornwallis has collected his troops at Camden. You will watch their motions very narrowly, and take care and guard against a surprise. Should they move in force this way, you will endeavor to cross the river and join us. Do not be sparing of your expresses, but let me know as often as possible, of your situation. I wish to be fully informed of your prospect respecting provisions, and also the number of militia that has joined you.

A large number of tents and hatchets are on the road. As soon as they arrive you shall be supplied. Many other articles necessary for this army, particularly shoes, are coming on.

I am, sir,
your most obedient servant,
Nath. Greene