Charles Cornwallis to Banastre Tarleton – 18 Dec 1780

Charles Cornwallis portrait Charles Cornwallis letter to Banastre Tarleton Banastre Tarletonportrait
Charles Cornwallis' letter to Banastre Tarleton - December 18, 1780

Dec. 18th, 1780

Dear Tarleton,

Lord Rawdon has received intelligence, which, however, he does not credit, that Morgan’s Corps and the Cavalry had passed the Catawba. I have sent out everybody that I could engage to go, but the friends here are so timid & stupid that I can get no intelligence. I have heard nothing from 96, but a man who came here from Broad River says that Gen’l Cunningham has beat Clarke and wounded him mortally. I shall be glad to hear a confirmation of this. I apprehend we must first dislodge Lacey etc. from Turkey Creek & then march up the West Side of Catawba to some of the fords above Tuckaseege, I wish you would take pains to inform yourself as thoroughly as possible of the state of the roads, Provisions, forage, Mills, etc. I hear a good account of the Recruits in general. I hope to march from here 3500 fighting men barring those I mentioned to you upon the frontier.

Lord Rawdon very readily agreed to undertake Watson so we shall be relieved of that plague.

I trust you will make every possible shift rather than go much further back, as I should in that case be uneasy about McArthur, and as soon as you have been able to get information about the Country, I should be glad to see you to talk over our march.

I am Dear Tarleton, Very Sincerely Yours